Coach Faq

  • Canceling games, practices, rescheduling
  • Roster Changes
  • Facility Usage
  • Pictures, medals, equipment

What do I do if the weather is bad for my practice?

Canceling a practice is up to you. If you feel the weather is not conducive to practicing, call your players and cancel.

Can I reschedule my cancelled practice?

Practices can be rescheduled only with the authorization of the director, who will 
check to be sure the field is available at the time you wish to use it.

Who cancels games?

The decision to cancel the games will be made by the director and field marshal: usually on Saturday morning. DON’T CALL US, If games are cancelled all coaches and parents will receive an automated telephone call, and you can click on a banner on the front page to listen to the automated message. Please wait to receive a phone call and ask your parents not to call HYR to ask if a game has been cancelled.

Who will receive a call about cancelled game?

If games are cancelled all coaches and parents will receive an automated telephone call, and you can click on a banner on the front page to listen to the automated message.

Can I find out if my game has been canceled on this website?

Yes. If games are cancelled you will receive an automated telephone call, and you can click on a banner on the front page to listen to the automated message.

If I coach two teams, or have children playing in different divisions can I assume all games are cancelled?

Never assume that all games have been cancelled. When you receive your phone call you will be told whether just your game, or the whole days have been cancelled. Different fields have different conditions.

What criteria do you use for canceling games?

We consider the condition of the fields, including the likelihood that they will be damaged if games are played, the weather forecast, and the time of year. Because the fields are bermuda grass, any damage done to them in the fall will remain until the following summer when the bermuda growing season starts.
It’s not an exact science, and we don’t always call it right. We try to do everything possible so that games do not have to be cancelled.

Will cancelled games be made up?

There are no scheduled make-up games. If however, the two coaches in question want to schedule an informal make up scrimmage during one of their practice times that’s fine.

How do I add a player to my roster?

PLEASE, NEVER ADD A PLAYER TO YOUR TEAM, OR TELL A PLAYER YOU HAVE ROOM ON YOUR ROSTER FOR THEM TO JOIN YOUR TEAM. Only the director can make changes to the rosters. If you have someone drop from your team, contact the director to let her know you have an opening.

Only accept an addition if the director tells you have an addition. A parent will never be told to call the coach to tell them their child has been added to your team.

What’s the big deal? Why can’t I add a player when I know I have room?

Often there is a waiting list, and late registrations are placed on teams in the order they are received. It is unfair to the parents and players that go through the proper process, to just let a player join a team.

In addition, no player can play unless a signed release form has been turned into the HCM office.

If a player doesn’t show up for practice, can I assume they aren’t going to be on the team?

Not necessarily. Sometimes players have conflicts for the first few weeks of practice. It’s best to call if a player has missed two weeks in a row, to be sure they still intend to play.

If they have dropped off, let the director know so a medal won’t be ordered and a replacement player can be found.

Will Parents be given a refund if their player quits the team?

No refunds will be given after the second Saturday of the season, unless a player has to quit as the result of an injury.

Are there bathrooms at the field?

There is one Port-o-Can located behind Atherton High School, on the Newburg Road side of the building.

Is there water at the field?

There is no water at the field. Tell your parents/players they need to bring a water bottle to games and practices.

What if a team from Atherton is on the field where I am scheduled to practice?

This shouldn’t happen. If it does, please find an alternative location for your team and call the director immediately. The director will contact the principal to address the situation. Please do not call the day of your practice to tell what happened last week. It’s too late at that point for anything to be fixed. Remember, we are guests on Atherton’s campus.

Can I bring my dog to games?

NO pets are allowed at HYR games. We love dogs too, but this is a safety issue.

Can I smoke cigarettes at the field?

NO. There is no smoking at HYR games. In addition, Jefferson County Public School prohibits smoking on school property.

Who takes the pictures for HYR?

Pictures will be taken by a volunteer at the time listed on your schedule. You will take your team to the picture area after your game. Please help the photographer position your team for the picture and be sure they are holding a sign that has both the correct division and team name.

When and how will I get my team pictures?

You will pick up your pictures with your medals before your last game at Atherton in the basement/garage area, located behind the school on the side with the tennis courts.

What if a player misses the last game and doesn’t get their medal and picture?

Please make arrangement with your parents if they are going to miss the last game.

If I know a player is going to miss, can I get their medal and/or picture early?


What should I do if I lose soccer balls during the season or if the balls I was given are damaged?
 Who do I contact about damaged or missing baseball/T-ball/softball equipment?

Contact Director Leslie Gross.