HYR Weather Policy

HYR Weather Policy

Rain Out Image

Although we do not have any legal rights to use this image, it does illuminate the difficulty of having scheduled outdoor events with children.  Here is the HYR Weather Policy:

Canceling a practice is the responsibility of the coach.  Coaches contact all of the playes families and let them know if practice is to be canceled.  If games are canceled, that is the responsibility of the HYR Director.

We are fine with playing in a little warm rain. As sweet as your little one is, he or she will not melt. Many kids LOVE to run around in the rain.  On those days, bring your umbrella and a crummy towel (you know, the one you use for the muddy dog.)

We will cancel games immediately in the event of a thunderstorm.  In that case, people will be directed to immediately head to their cars and clear the area. The other reason for a rare cancellation is very poor field conditions due to prolonged rain events.  The fields have to last us all season, not to mention all of the other teams who use  the fields as well.
In the event we have to cancel any part of a Saturday, you will receive 3 notifications:
1.  You will receive a call from One Call Now with Patrick Fitzgerald’s recorded voice (lucky you!)
2.  You will receive an email.
3. We will update the HYR Web Site as soon as we have made a decision.
If your family does not all wake up under the same roof on Saturdays and you need an additional number added to the One Call Now system, please send an email with the additional number to hyr@hcmlouisville.org.  We pay per call, but we can accommodate families who have that need.