HYR Parent-Player Academy for 4-Year-Olds

Cartoon of young children playing soccer
January 17, 2015

Big News for Little Soccer Players

HYR welcomes 4-year-olds to the Highland Youth Recreation Parent-Player Academy!

What does Parent-Player mean? It means you, the parent, are an important part of the league, learning drills right along with your player as well has having the opportunity to serve as a coach for a scrimmage. You’ll also get a team shirt!


Saturday only for one hour.


Saturday during the last 20 minutes of practice. Games are a “controlled scrimmage.” During a controlled scrimmage the referees have the opportunity to offer instruction in a game situation.

Game Times

For Spring 2016, games will be in the morning. You will receive more information including games times at the Parent-Player meeting on March 12 at 12:00pm at Highland Community Ministries, 1228 E. Breckinridge St., Louisville, KY 40204.


$60.00 and includes: two t-shirts (one for player, one for parent), one team picture, and one player medal. Additional t-shirts are available for purchase.

Equipment Needed

Size-3 soccer ball, shin guards covered with socks, water bottle. Cleats are recommended but optional.