Kentucky Refugee Ministries

(Date 3/26/2017)

In the spring of 2017, HYR entered into a partnership with Kentucky Refugee Ministries KRM) to sponsor 24 international players in the 2017 HYR Spring Soccer league.  The players come from Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Syria, Iraq, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.  This has been an amazing partnership.  The HYR Families have been incredibly supportive, and the international players have really enjoyed playing soccer and making friends at HYR.  Many of them are excellent soccer players, and their soccer skills have made more than a few jaws drop.

There are a few language barriers, but by and large, the largest hurdle has been transportation.  Many of our international families have no car, or the car is in use during practice or game times by a parent to go to their job.  We have asked HYR families to consider transporting international players to practices and games. Many HYR parents have stepped up to give rides to the KRM families.  One of the challenges is that the KRM families do not live in the Highlands close to Atherton High School or Highland Middle School where the soccer or baseball games are played.  In the 2017 spring soccer season, many of the KRM live 10-12 minutes away from Atherton, generally South or West. Many of them have multiple children playing soccer. Even though each family is assigned all practices on the same night, the number of children can make their practice times and games times complicated.

Helping with this effort may require an extra 30-60 minutes to an HYR Family routine on a practice or a game day.  We recognize that time is one thing that parents of small children do not have in great abundance. For those who are already assisting with rides, thanks so much.  For those still on the fence, if you can work out the details, it would mean a lot.  For those HYR parents with a retired parent who is looking for a way to give back, this could be a great opportunity for them to help out.

HYR and KRM have created a Sign Up Genius sheet for each of the 11 KRM families.  These help coordinate who can pick up the KRM players on any given day and take them to or from practices or games.  Having read this page, if you are interested in finding out more specifics about providing transportation for a KRM family, please send an email to Patrick Fitzgerald ( and Adrienne Eisenmenger of KRM (

Thank You