Pictures and Videos

Check out these slice of life HYR videos we have collected at the HYR Weekend events.

(They are presented here in reverse chronological order)


September 3, 2017

HYR is getting ready for the fall season.  Opening Day is September 16.  We lined teh fields and filled bags with soccer balls today.


June 24, 2017 – HYR Night at Louisville Bats Game

HYR Brought over 70 people to the Bats Game, and most of the kids went out on the field for the National Anthem to stand next to a Bats player.  Tons of fun.





pano 1


pano 2


May 13, 2017 – Baseball Opening Day

Perfect Weather with  a bunch of excited kids ready to pitch catch, hit, and run (often in the traditional counterclockwise direction)!


April 29, 2017 – Closing Day – Indoor Futsal

We had muddy fields outside, so we moved inside to play some futsal.  What exactly IS futsal anyway?


April 15, 2017 – HYR Night at Lou City FC

On April 15, 2017, HYR took 158 people down to slugger field and enjoyed seeing the Lou City FC team defeat the Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-1.  HYR Players got to get on the field andgive the players a high five at the end of halftime.  For many of the HYR kids, it was their first time seeing a professional soccer game.


April 15, 2017 – HYR Gameday

“Hey kids, it’s HYR Gameday, your home for news from around the league.  If it’s not on gameday, it didn’t happen.”


April 8, 2017 – Slowww Dowwwnnn!

After a busy week, it’s always nice to come out to HYR and Slowww Downnnn!


April 1, 2017 – Trash Ball Soccer

After last week’s discussion about with one of the international players who grew up in Zambia playing soccer with a trash ball, we decided to make one our own.


 March 25, 2017 – My Soccer Life

This week, we decided to ask HYR players a bout their soccer life, when it started, and what they like about soccer.


 March 18, 2017 – Welcome to HYR

On opening day, we decided to greet the league with some new faces.  Welcome!


 February 5, 2017 – Time to Sign Up

A reminder that HYR Soccer signups are up and running.